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Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor – Important Things To Consider Before Sleeting It

Posted by Admin on August, 30, 2022

As the name suggests, an oil-free air compressor does not use oil to function; instead, the air is compressed over the act of screws without the help of an oil seal. These types of compressors usually can't handle the pressure ability of their oil counterparts. They are also less expensive, due to their smaller ability and size. However, for the big industries uses there are Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor supplied by the Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor Manufacturers in India.

There are three kinds of compressors: rotary screws, reciprocating air, and rotary centrifugal. The type used will rely upon the size and type of your process. The rotary screw air compressor is one of the best popular oil-free choices. It uses screws (rotors) which keep perfect alignment using timing gears. Oil-free compressors will importantly decrease the risk of oil spills and contamination.

Uses of the Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor

They can be used very efficiently around the house for small handyman jobs. They can usually keep two or three tools going at once, such as nail guns. They are also utilized in fields such as medical research, and the food industry where oil spills and run-offs would be measured as unacceptable. Construction, auto manufacturing and repair industries also use these types of Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor to one degree or another.

Lifecycle of an Oil-Free Air Compressor

The lifespan of an oil Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor is not as long as compressors that use oil. They are not as sturdy and don't have the metal adjacent to them to protect them when they get knocked around, as this is more than likely to happen. Prepare for them to break down more often. Life can be lengthy, however, with proper maintenance and regular care.

Power Needed for an Industrial Oil-Free Air Compressor

The amount of power you need will eventually depend on the size of the air compressor you've selected. Read the instructions sensibly; expert staff from the store you bought it from can also support and answer your questions. Be sure to take into concern the other tools you will be using. You will require to have enough amp power to run all of your equipment securely and effectively.

Things to consider before buying oil-free compressor from the Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor Manufacturers in India

Source of power

Electric ones can be effortlessly portable, but finding a plug point can be a concern. One does not have a choice but to select an electric one when some activity is happening indoors. This is because a gas one will produce fumes. However, the gas one is more efficient than an electric one.

Piston or Portable

Piston ones have an operative motor that is involved in encouraging air pressure during the depletion process. Therefore, the upsurge in air pressure corresponds to the rise in air usage. Air compression in a piston one needs high maintenance levels. It is finest suitable for commercial and industrial applications than menial work.

Portable ones carry out the purpose of a piston one without the use of a tank.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage Pistons

Air compressors come with two kinds of pistons: single-stage and two-stage pumps. Single-stage air compressors suck and compress air to the wanted pressure through the action of a single-stage piston.

A two-stage one fitted with two pistons doing the work of a single piston in a single-stage air compressor. However, the functioning of the two-stage is marginally different as the process does not end with compression.


If noise is an issue, selecting an oil lubricated one is more sensible than an oil-free one. Oil-free ones do not need a flat space for the oil to lubricate the machine. Oil lubricant ones are more effective than oil-free air compressors.

Thermal Protection

Thermal protection is presented in air compressors as a switch that turns off the motor when it overheats. Given the investment made, customers must select one that offers a thermal protection switch.

Benefits of using the Industrial Oil Free Air Compressor

  • The most significant essential element that every person needs to live, is fresh clean air to breathe. Be it for industrial applications or homes, the essential for air dehumidifying systems has reasonably increased due to the constant instabilities in climatic conditions and excess humidity.
  • Scientifically designed to compress air, these systems have an exclusive design and mechanism which stops oil from getting in contact with the internal screws.
  • Oil-free air compressing systems are widely used in industrial applications, for the level of protection and efficiency that they offer.
  • Oil-free air compressing systems are less tough compared to the ones which use oil. Though, quality care can increase the life of the system, making it last as long as the oil-based ones. The power consumption of the air dehumidification system relies upon the model that you select.

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